Social Networks

May 8, 2010

Now a days it seems as if no one lives their life in person anymore. People seem to live their life through an internet alter ego. This is very troubling because people seem to take this kind of thing very serious and this sort of thing has made some peoples lives very complicated. I dont understand it personally, why do people take this internet stuff so serious. People get more upset if you write something bad about them on Facebook then if you say something to their face and thats crazy. Dont get me wrong neither scenario is right or should be condoned but people are so concerned with the worlds perception its insane. I dont know I think there should be some kind of limit of personal information of a limit to the things you can put regarding other people. Thats just my opinion, I think that would help the controversy that comes along with these sites. Since I have signed up for numerous site i have dealt with nothing but drama because of something i dont even take that serious but the rest of the world does. Maybe one day people will realize whats important and whats not.


Stressful situations

May 8, 2010

Throughtout my life just like the next person I have dealt with alot of stressful things that has made me wanna lose my cool and do somethings i would regret. But why? Why do we as people put ourselves in these sort of scenarios when we can just walk away and turn our back to the things that trouble us.  We as humans are some of the most hard headed species out there. We continue to get burned and continue to do the same things as we did before. Animals learn that if something doesnt work then try a different approach, but we think we are so smart we can try the same approach and get a different result. I cant say that i am any different but i am learning. I have put myself in many situations over and over but that part of me is long gone, hopefully. You live and you learn its life, you grow, you develop and you progress. As we live and learn and wonder what the meaning of life is we go through things that teach us more each day. Every thing around us is a teacher and should let us know about our surroundings.


April 28, 2010

What are the point of finals?? Well what is the point of all the work you do all semester because if you do bad on the final all that goes right down the drain. I mean i think we should just study for finals and not do any other work all semester, but finals week is very stressful and i think it carries to much weight on your grade.  I mean i understand the need for it to see if we can put everything we learned to use. I just dont think it should make or break our grade as it doesn’t. I guess homework and test are not enough pressure to put on a already stressed out college student. But its not the teachers fault they are just following the rules of what thay have to do i guess. Then again i think some teachers get a kick out of failing some students or maybe thats just me. I ran into a few a teachers who seemed to use personal feelings in his decision making about if you pass or not. Finals are nerve wrecking because you have to go back and study something you haven’t looked at in months, because if people are like me as soon as i dont have to use something anymore i forget all about it. But i guess this is the life i chose by coming to school study, study, study things could be a lot worse. So on those nights when i dont want to study because i would rather be doing other things just shut up and do it it will pay off in the end. When i get my degree and start getting that good money i wont even rememeber the nights i had to study all night and had to pass up on other things i would rather be doing. So when its all said and done success comes with a lot of sacrifices.


April 28, 2010

Growing up all all my life i could never understand why people wanted to be apart of that gang lifestyle growing up i never seen anything happen but those same people end up on rest in peace shirts and in graveyards. I guess growing they were the cool guys who had all the girls and all the money, but now that i look back at all the cool dudes i knew are either in jail or deceased and that is not the life for me I cant even sit in the room for hours at a time without getting irritated, imagine a judge telling you that you will spend the next ten to twenty years. Maybe one day people will wake up and realize thats not the life to live. I cant imagine my mother or my family coming to my funeral and shedding tears over me. The pain that they would at my hands is enough to keep me on a straight path. I mean but some of us are prisoners of our circumstances i guess if thats wha t you grow up around then thats all you know. Dont let that inprison you and think thats what the world is about i’ve lost friends to that lifestyle and it hurts more everytime. When i get phone calls asking me have you heard about so and so I just respond if its bad news dont even tell me. But life you live you die and your a memory i just hope my life span is a a lot longer than my teen years.

Role Models

April 28, 2010

The notion that everyone older than you is a role model is false to me. I mean people that are older should try their hardest to set an example for younger siblings or younger people in the community. If a younger person ask me do i consider myself a role model i would say no but at the same time i try to do everything the right way but when life goes wrong its hard to do right. The same situation for professional athletes and people that are often in the public eye. They might not want to be looked at as a role model but because of their ability to put a ball in a hoop, or the ability to throw a ball has put them in the lime light. In these cases kids who are looking for someone to immulate. So those in the lime light has a certain level of responsibility to the world to portray a good image to those watching them. These kids out here are basically being raised by the television and they do everything they see their favorite athlete or entertainer do. At the same time they did not ask for this life and parents need to do their duty as a role model to give their childern the correct people to admire and want to be like in life. Kids also need to take some of the responsibility as well tough as it is to say they need to know right from wrong and admire the right people for the right things.

High School

April 18, 2010

Sometimes i wonder what if i could back in time and change some of the thing i did in my high school days. I would have most definitely worked alot harder and did alot of things a different way. I would have focused more in the classroom and worked alot harder in athletics so i would not have to pay for school. but the things I’ve been through has taught me alot about life and i guess it happened for a reason and i will figure it out in the end when its all said and done. In high school i was an average student by choice. Mainly i was more focused on being popular and known by my peers. Now that i look back on those years the people who were considered nerds or whatever you call them are on their way to being very successful. They cool people are still in the same position that they were in back then and much hasn’t changed. This is what i try to stress to my younger siblings everyday because i dont want them to look back and say if what if like i do. Hopefully what i am saying is getting through to them. But hey what does not kill you only makes you stronger so i look at what i went through as a blessing. With everyday and more hard work i am getting closer to my dreams.


April 17, 2010

It seems as if when the weather changes people begin to act crazy. I mean maybe its just me but there seem to be more fights in the neighborhood, even at school there is always an altercation on the bricks. Its even on more a national scale it seems to be more disturbing stories in the news. I understand that hot weather means more people are out and about. But does that have to mean that they act as if they have no sense. There are alot of things that can keep people occupied in the summer that will not end up on the news. First of all you can get a job if you have to much free time on your hands then you will be bound to do something stupid. Participate in sports use your energy towards something positive and something that you enjoy doing. Life is short to have it shortened by the act of someone dumb. be it jail or death they both will shorten your life. By hey i guess its a part of life that we all have to face and everything happens for a reason. but i guess i will never understand senseless violence and things of that sort. Young people being involved in gangs never end up in anything good. Mostly it ends up in a rest in peace shirt and no one wants their friends and family to go through that so to everyone have a safe and fun summer.

Basketball postseasons

April 17, 2010

When it comes to basketball there are primarily two  postseasons that you hear about NBA and NCAA. Many people like which ever one for their own personal reason. Me personally i gravitate towards collge more than i do the NBA. i feel as if college athletes play much harder than those in the NBA. Dont get me wrong i partake in nba basketball as well and you basketball played at its highest level. but someone playing their heart out and giving everything they have and leaving it all on the floorbeats talent anyday of the week. The format also leads me to lean towards college more the one and done theory is much better than the best of 7. although in the best of seven format the better team will almost always advance. One and done leads to more upsets and more cinderella stories and everyone likes to root for the underdog in almost every situation. The greatest story is when a school from the middle of nowhere makes a run to the sweet 16 or the elite 8. all in all i love sports and postseasons in sports are the best time to be a fan, and i prefer the college athletics over those gettin paid millions.

Just a thought

March 30, 2010

Over the years i have been to alot of churches and seen various things. I know we are all suppose to believe in a higher power but it is hard when there are so many crazy things going on in the world everyday. Babies being killed, kids being raped and things of that sort peoples lives are torn apart daily and i just dont understand. I know they say God doesnt make mistakes and he has a plan for us but i dont know sometimes. Even pastors are corrupt and doing things that are just unexplainable. Innocent people are losing their lives for something they have nothing to do. When you go to church they have many offerings and things of that sort how much money does a God need? Where does all that money go at the end of the day im just saying its hard to believe in something you cant see in such a crazy world…

Random Thoughts

March 3, 2010

Throughout my everyday life a lot of random thoughts go through my head and sometimes I find myself thinking about that specific thing for a period of time. I was walking through the library and saw somebody looking at all kinds of guns on the internet. Those same computers will not let people access porn, is it in our society that it is acceptable to look at dangerous weapons that take countless lives each year and not sex which helps populate our country and sex education is taught in schools. Another random thought is why they build gas stations right across the street from one another. That makes it very difficult for one of them to really make a lot of money unless they are significantly cheaper and in that case they probably won’t make a lot more money. The way fast food restaurants talk bad about one another to enhance their products. I mean you see it every day but it is funny when you see it done in corporate America. Why is KFC so expensive? A simple two piece costs 5.69$ plus tax that’s crazy I’m a grown man what can two pieces of chicken do for me? Where I’m from you can get about an eight piece for that same price I think KFC needs to get it together. Why is so much value placed into materials things? When our day comes we cannot take it with us I just believe you should do what you have to do to make you happy.